Build your brand, create a lasting impression and make it count with scent! Get your customers thinking, remembering and relaxing – scent is a powerful and scientifically proven way to cue up memories and positive emotions.  

Our sophisticated, customizable, affordable products will help you establish your brand and keep customers coming back. We have basic and enhanced packages which include unique containers, packaging, labeling and more. 

Try using custom fragrance today to enhance your business experience:

Scent your next open house! Scent your office! Create a custom gift!

Our designers will help make your vision a reality with…

  • easy and effective design packages 

    • create a one-of-a-kind product unique to your brand
  • low fees 

    • one time set up fee of $25, low per unit costs
  • quick turnaround 

    • process takes 1-2 weeks
  • customizable products

    • pick a jar, or we’ll help you find one
    • minimum order of only 50