Group Events and Parties

Come have your party with us! Your guests will love the experience of crafting candles, munching and making memories. Remember, Candle Kitchen is right off of Main – it’s the perfect spot for your night out or morning meetup.

We can accommodate almost any type of gathering: big, small, early, late…

Call us today to book your event! 

(970) 312-6960

Party and Event Guidelines:

During Store Hours:

  • Private Dining Room available for candle-pouring
  • Main Kitchen Counter also available (as a public space, you may be sharing)
  • You are welcome to have outside food and beverages in the Dining Room (non-alcoholic beverages only) 
  • No minimum group size, no minimum purchase amount
  • Call us! We’ll help you set up a special event that is unique and memorable

After (or before) Store Hours:

  • Dining Room and Kitchen Counter available to reserve – the whole space is yours!
  • You are welcome to have outside food and beverages of your choice 
  • No minimum group size, required minimum purchase of $150 
  • Call us! There’s room for you and your guests at the Candle Kitchen!  

Store Hours:

Mon – Sat   11am – 6pm

Closed Wednesdays

Sun     11am – 4pm